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  • How is your service like?
    We'll support you search and purchase the tickets, based on your request (Game, Date, Area, Team, etc) We update the latest ticket availability for most popular games, so please contact us if you find a good option for you. For more information, please find here:  ↓↓↓
  • Is it possible to receive the ticket by post?
    Yes, if you wish to receive the paper ticket delivery, we can deliver your ticket by post. In such case, please notify us when you order the ticket. In such case, please pay the posting fee as well.
  • How do you deliver the ticket to us?
    Our main method of delivering your ticket is through online. We will send the online ticket to you via email or SNS. If you prefer specific channel, please feel free to tell us. In case there's no online ticket (for example, sumo wrestling doesn't have the online ticket!! How traditional...), we will send your ticket through post. If you're anxious of post delivery, we can also hand-deliver to you (Tokyo area only).
  • How do you search and purchase the ticket?
    Here is what we service for you: 1-1) First, we go to the official website of each team. (Availability information you find here are also based on the official website)  ↓↓↓ 1-2) For the games that are sold out at the official, we can also go to ticket resale services. 2) After search, we'll come back to you with recommended options and price quotation. 3) If you decide to get one of our options, we'll prepare the payment form. 4) We'll immediately book the ticket after your payment is done.
  • Can I trust the tickets obtained through "Japan Sports Ticket"?
    Yes! - We will purchase your ticket at each team's official website, so the tickets are confirmed to be officially issued. - When we go to ticket resale services, we'll definitely tell you beforehand. We will only choose the major resale services in order to avoid any troubles. - Even so, in case you got trouble entering the stadium, we'll sincerely help you till the problem is solved. Please feel free to contact us at either email, Facebook, Whatsapp, or phone call.
  • Can you help me search and book the event tickets that are not on the list?
    Yes! We'll be happy to help you find any type of the ticket you wish. Please contact us here:
  • Is the payment system trustworthy?
    The online payment system we take is called "Stripe". They have world-wide presence and you can find that many major companies take their service too. Until now, we haven't experienced any payment trouble at all. Also, when we received your payment, we will send a quick message to tell you that the payment had been successfully received.
  • What if I need to cancel/change the ticket?
    If you tell us your cancellation / change "BEFORE" we purchase and secure the ticket, we will refund 100% of the ticket price + service fee. If you need to cancel / change "AFTER" we purchased and secured the ticket, unfortunately we cannot refund any amount. In such case, we will help you resell your ticket to those who may wish to buy. If the resell is completed, we will refund 100% of the ticket price (please note that the service fee will not be refunded.)
  • What if the event itself is cancelled? (due to weather, pandemic, etc)
    If the event itself is cancelled and the tickets are to be refunded, we'll support you get your ticket be refunded. Generally, 1) If you have online (QR code, etc) ticket  → We'll refund the ticket and transfer the money back to you (please note that the amount will be what we received from the event organizer, our service fee will not be refunded) 2) If you have paper ticket issued  → You need to refund the ticket by yourself. We'll translate the refund information in order to help you finish the procedure.
  • What are/aren't stadium-approved at the stadium in Japan ?
    We went through 10+ stadium info in Japan, and realized that each stadium has their own rule. We made a summary of general information here, hope it helps:  ↓↓↓ For further information, please feel free to contact us! (email, Whatsapp, phone call etc)
  • How do I get to the stadium?
    We have very detailed stadium access information here in our website. We are confident about the information quality, because the owner physically went there, took photos along the way, and reflected on the website.  ↓↓↓ For the stadium information that are not on our website yet, please feel free to contact us!
  • Why did you start "Japan Sports Ticket"?
    After COVID when I went to a baseball game, I met 4 tourists watching the game. I became friends with them and noticed that one of the unique and exciting activities during the trip is to watch local sports games.   On the other hand, they told me that it was not easy to search and get the game ticket.   ​ I hope your Japan trip to be unique and unforgettable. If there're tourists interested in watching Japanese sports, we're happy to help you!!
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