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How to access?

⚾Tigers / Koshien stadium

 Step1. From terminal station to the nearest station 

*There are various ways to get to Koshien, here we show you the easiest way, from Osaka to Koshien stadium.

<Line>  Hanshin line / 阪神電車

 × "Hankyu Line / 阪急電車" looks similar, so please be careful.

<From> Osaka Umeda station / 大阪梅田駅

<To> Koshien station / 甲子園駅

<Train type> Any type of the train will stop at Koshien station. As the game gets closer, they will offer special direct train to Koshien station (no additional fare needed)

<Time>  12 (direct)~30 (local) minutes

<Fare>  280 JPY (Adult) / 140 JPY (Child)

1-1. Entrance of Hanshin line

Osaka-Umeda station is located at B1F of Hanshin department store

1-1. Entrance of Hanshin line
 Step2. From the nearest station to the stadium / ticket center 

Get off the train, proceed to the exit.

The stadium is already in front of you! (Behind the highway, though)

2-1. Platform of Koshien station

You can follow the Tigers' fans, cannot miss the route.

2-1. Platform of Koshien station
 Step3. At the stadium / ticket center 

Going underneath the highway, you'll find the ticket center of Koshien stadium.

3-1. Ticket center of Koshien stadium

Going directly to the gate (QR code entry) and issue the ticket (Paper ticket entry), both possible. If you go directly to the entrance gate, see Step 4.

3-1. Ticket center of Koshien stadium
 Step4. Enter the stadium and the game starts! 

Walk to the entrance gate, and the game is right there!

4-1. Entrance gate

Arrived at gate #18. Are you ready?

4-1. Entrance gate
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