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About Japan Sports Ticket

Thank you for your interest!!

Here are some stories behind Japan Sports Ticket.


00. Mission

For your Unique & Unforgettable Japan trip!

After COVID-19, many tourists came back to Japan for sightseeing, food experience, culture experience, etc.

I found some of them want to attend sports game, such as baseball, soccer, sumo wrestling... but on the other hand, most of them are having difficulty finding schedule, searching tickets, booking and receiving tickets, and so on.

We are here to help you experience the excitement at Japanese sports stadium!


01. In Kyoto @2003

When I was a university student, I was in Kyoto for 4 years, and during then I was a Kyoto tourist guide for foreign tourists.

So I went to Kiyomizu temple, Nijo castle, Golden pavilion... with my tourists, hundreds of times!!

When I started thinking about Japan Sports Ticket, the first thing that came to my mind was my guiding experience.

I really like to meet new people from everywhere in the world, to have a lot of communication, and to share great experience together.

Of course I tried to help them enjoy a good time in Kyoto/Japan, but on the other hand, I learned a lot from my guests as well.

#Well, I have some favorite places in my mind (including the place in this photo), so if you're interested, please feel free to contact me for itinerary advice!)

02. In Amsterdam @2005

Thanks to my experience as a tourguide, I got a wider view and wanted to go through the things I hadn't ever done before. So I chose to study in Utrecht, the Netherlands during my university period, as an exchange student from my university.

When I was preparing before the departure, I found there's a big soccer match, between

 Ajax Amsterdam vs Feyenoord Rotterda

what is called “De Klassieker” at Amsterdam Arena, right after my arrival.

I had no other choice but to watch that game. I searched and searched, but after all, all I could find was a ticket for foreigner, which cost me €140! Well, the seating was...

But anyway, I still remember that as my first step in to Holland, and that Wesley Sneijder, Nigel De Jong, and Dirk Kuijt were on the field.

03. In Utrecht @2006

Half year passed after "De Klassieker", I got used to the life in Holland, including some Dutch language.

One day I found an ad about FC Utrecht game. I went to the stadium, spoke some Dutch, and could buy a 3-for-€30 tickets... 10 Euros for a game, such a difference from "De Klassieker"!

(Well of course, no complains about Ajax game, that was the biggest game in Holland...)

But those 3 games with €10 ticket, behind the goal, gave me so much fun which I still remember clearly. A "haartelijk welkom" by the local Utrechters, singing together with them, game-winning goal by a foreigner like me, Marc-Antoine Fortune (French striker), at the very last minute, watching Japanese striker, Sota Hirayama...etc

These are the things that only the local people can get information and attend, I believe that such kind of experience will be very unique and unforgettable when you traveled foreign countries.

04. In Kyocera Dome Osaka @2023

When the 2023 baseball season started, I went to Kyocera dome Osaka to watch Buffaloes' baseball game.


When I had a seat, I found that 4 people in front of me were all foreigners, soon turned out to be the tourists from Australia, Singapore, and India. That was a surprise to me, because we didn't see many foreigners watching the game at the stadium before COVID.


Soon we became friends and shared a great momentum of the stadium together. During then, they told me how difficult it was to find out the game and get the ticket. Moreover, I was surprised to know how much more they had to pay for the ticket...


That was a trigger for me to start this service to help more tourists experience a

Unique and Unforgettable Japan trip!

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