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How to access?

⚾Buffaloes / Kyocera dome Osaka

 Step1. From terminal station to the nearest station 

*There are various ways to get to Kyocera dome Osaka, here we show you the easiest way, taking Osaka metro from Shinsaibashi to Kyocera dome Osaka.

<Line>  Nagahori Tsurumiryokuchi line (Osaka metro) / 長堀鶴見緑地線(大阪メトロ)

 × "There is one more line (Midosuji line) at Shinsaibashi sta, so please be careful.

<From> Shinsaibashi station / 心斎橋駅

<To> Dome mae chiyosaki station / ドーム前千代崎駅

<Train type> Any type of the train heading for "Taisho / 大正" will stop at "Dome mae chiyosaki". 

<Time>  5~7 minutes

<Fare>  190 JPY (Adult) / 100 JPY (Child)

1-1. Entrance to underground

Shisaibashi station is located at B1F of Shinsaibashi crossing.

1-1. Entrance to underground
 Step2. From the nearest station to the stadium / ticket center 

Get off the train, go upstairs to the exit.

In 30 secounds you'll see the dome right in front of you!

2-1. Exit of Dome mae chiyosaki station

There is only one exit, cannot miss the route.

2-1. Exit of Dome mae chiyosaki station
 Step3. At the stadium / ticket center 

Going up the stairs, and you'll see the entrance to the ticket issue machine.

3-1. Entrance to the ticket center

Going directly to the gate (QR code entry) and issue the ticket (Paper ticket entry), both possible. If you go directly to the entrance gate, see Step 4.

3-1. Entrance to the ticket center
 Step4. Enter the stadium and the game starts! 

Walk to the entrance gate, and the game is right there!

4-1. Entrance gate

Arrived at gate #1. Are you ready?

4-1. Entrance gate
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