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Match Schedule


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---Availability info---

Still available

About to be sold out

× Sold out @Official. If you wish for tickets, please contact us, we'll search at resale for you. --- Not yet started selling


Latest updates @Dec/29/2023

2024 preseason & regular season schedule updated on our top page, please check and contact us!

Anchor_Seating & Price

Seating & Price information

Stadium seating info

Seating & Price information (per ticket, Excerpt)

 *All seats subject to availability.

 *Below prices don't include our service fee.

⑨Infield S seat:  4,500 JPY

⑩Infield Dynamic seat:  4,300 JPY

⑪Infield A seat:  3,500 JPY

⑫Infield B seat:  3,000 JPY

⑬Infield Value seat:  3,500 JPY

⑭Upper deck center seat:  2,500 JPY

⑮Upper deck C seat:  2,200 JPY

⑯Outfield seat (right field, Buffaloes side):  1,900 JPY

⑰Outfield seat (left field, Visitor side):  1,900 JPY

⑱Outfield seat (upper deck):  1,900 JPY

㉑Restaurant ”Asahi” (4ppl / 6ppl seat): 2,400 JPY (perperson)

Team information

Anchor_Team info

Recent result

Won the Japan series Championship at '22

Won the Pacific league Championship at '21 & '22

Featured Players

#13 Hiroya MIYAGI (P)  *WBC Championship '23

#16 Yoshihisa HIRANO (P) *MLB experience for 3 years ('18-'20)

#63 Soichiro YAMASAKI (P)  *WBC Championship '23

#96 Yuki UTAGAWA (P)  *WBC Championship '23

#99 Yutaro SUGIMOTO (RF)  *Pacific League Homerun King '21

MLB players from Buffaloes

Yoshinobu YAMAMOTO ('24~, LA Dodgers)

Masataka YOSHIDA ('23~, Boston Redsox)

ICHIRO Suzuki ('01~'19)

So TAGUCHI ('02~'09)

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