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Match Schedule


Latest update:   

---Availability info---

Still available

About to be sold out

× Sold out @Official. If you wish for tickets, please contact us, we'll search at resale for you. --- Not yet started selling


Latest updates @Mar/23/2024

Some of the regular season tickets for the Tigers games are already sold out..

However, we have the season tickets for Koshien stadium games, 2 tickets.

So if you're interested, we can provide that option for you.

2024 preseason & regular season schedule updated on our top page, please check and contact us!

Anchor_Seating & Price

Seating & Price information

Stadium seating info

Seating & Price information (per ticket, Excerpt)

 *All seats subject to availability.

 *Below prices don't include our service fee.

・ Ivy seat (Light green) :    5,300 JPY

・ Breeze seat (Green) :   5,300 JPY

・ Infield 1st side seat (Purple, Tigers side) :   3,100 JPY

・ Infield 3rd side seat (Dark blue, Visitor side) :   3,100 JPY

・ Outfield right side seat (Blue, Tigers side) :   2,400 JPY

  ↑As this area is generally packed with enthusiastic Tigers' fans,

  we recommend you to seat in different areas.

・ Outfield left side seat (Light blue, Visitor side) :   2,400 JPY

Team information

Anchor_Team info

Recent result

2nd Place, '20 & '21 Central league regular season

3rd Place, '19 & '22 Central league regular season

Featured Players

#3 Yusuke OHYAMA (1B)

#5 Koji CHIKAMOTO (CF) *Central league Hits title ’21, Central league Stolen base title ’19, '20 &'22

#8 Teruaki SATO (3B)

#17 Koyo AOYAGI (P)  *Central league Winning title ’21 &'22, Central league Pitching title '22

#51 Takumu NAKANO (2B)  *WBC Championship '23

#65 Atsuki YUASA (P)  *WBC Championship '23

MLB players from Tigers

Shintaro FUJINAMI ('23~, Oakland Athletics)

Robert SUAREZ ('22~, San Diego Padres)

Pierce Johnson ('21~, Colorado Rockiers)

Kyuji FUJIKAWA ('13~'15)

Tsuyoshi SHINJO (’01-’03)   *Currently the headcoach of Hokkaido Nipponham Fighters

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