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<Japan travel> The must-do when you pass Nagoya by Shinkansen.

When you travel Japan, you might take Shinkansen (or bullet train) between Tokyo ⇔ Osaka, Kyoto ⇔ Hiroshima, etc.

That's a main transportation to go across Japan mainland, and when you take that route, the station you always pass is "Nagoya / 名古屋" station, which is in between "Kyoto / 京都" and "Tokyo / 東京".

There's one thing that many Japanese people do, even though their destination is not Nagoya. I think not many non-Japanese tourists know this yet, so let me introduce it here to you.

That is... to drop in at Kishimen shop "Sumiyoshi / 住よし" at the platform.

This looks really simple and not fancy at all... but is one of the most popular noodle shops in Japan!

"Kishimen" is a thick udon noodle, and "Tachi-gui" style is standing style which is one of a typical styles of Japanese restaurant, which is basically a super-fast food.

You won't need more than 10 minutes there! :)

You can see that the shop is right next to Shinkansen making a brief stop.

Vending machine of the shop, noodles price ranges 400JPY~980JPY.

Yellows are kishimen with warm soup, blues are kishimen with cold soup, and oranges are toppings.

I had a simple cold kishimen, 450 JPY. Need only 2 minutes to finish :)

I hope you also have a try on this typical JP experience :)

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists experience unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the sports game as your option, I am here to help you!!

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