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Japan Volleyball / Panasonic Panthers' rebranded to "Osaka Bluteon"

"Panasonic Panthers" of Men's volleyball become "Osaka Bluteon"

"Panasonic Panthers" has been one of the most popular teams of Japanese Men's volleyball. They decided to rebrand to "Osaka Bluteon", from 2024-25 season.

New name and logo of "Osaka Bluteon" (former Panasonic Panthers)
New name and logo of "Osaka Bluteon" (former Panasonic Panthers)

The press conference has been held in June, and the highlights are,

Name of the team

  • Set the city name, "Osaka", in the team name, as the identity of the team

  • "Bluteon" means "Blu to Eon" (forever blue), to show the commitment to become the No1 team in the world

Concept of the team

  • "Osaka Bluteon" aims for the No1 team in the world (as mentioned). They are no longer a "Japanese" team, but trying to be "International" team.

  • So their mission is "Always to the top, All ways together". They target to be the best team in the world, together with the fans.

Values of the team

  • Brave - Bravely challenge to everything with creativity and innovativeness

  • Leading - Lead the world's volleyball, based on the respect to the people related to the team

  • United - Be friendly and connected with the fans and the people of the home town

  • Energetic - Deliver the positive energy to the supporters

The Opening game of 2024-25 season

The 2024-25 season is expected to be during October to March/2025.

As of Jul/3rd, the opening game is announced, and that is going to be a big match!

Oct/11th (Fri), TBA, Osaka Bluteon vs Suntory Sunbirds Osaka, at Tokyo metropolitan gymnasium

These 2 teams are the 1st place and the 2nd place team of 2023-24 season and both teams have many national team players, so the significance of this game will be quite large.

People's attention to this game must be very high so securing the tickets for the game will be very difficult. The ticket sales might start from latter half of August, so if you're interested, please feel free to send the request to us from "Search request" form.

New uniform of Osaka Bluteon

The 1st (home) and 2nd (visitor) uniforms are like below, looking very nice!

Home Uniform of Osaka Bluteon
Home Uniform of Osaka Bluteon

2nd Uniform of Osaka Bluteon
2nd Uniform of Osaka Bluteon

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the volleyball game for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the game, I would recommend to book the ticket, especially the ones with high occupancy, beforehand. If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

For further help, please contact us at:

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