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<Japan baseball> 26/Sep Tigers' ticket, out today, how's the sales!?

As I shared the information on the ticket sales of 26/Sep (Tue), the ticket was started to be sold today.

Probably this is the final chance of getting regular season ticket, how's the sales after a few hours?

See Tigers' ticket information


Already, the remaining tickets are very limited, the area remaining is outfield left (= visitor's section)!!!

I got my own ticket for 1st base side Alps seat :)

Tigers fans' enthusiasm reminds me of that of 2003, when they won the Central league championship. Maybe they're ready for "ARE (*)"...!?

(*) "ARE": This has double meanings,

1) When head coach Okada at interview, he never directly mention to "become champion". Instead, he says "target to be "A-RE", which literary means "that" in Japanese. He says that all the time that even the Tigers fans use "A-RE" like a secret word between them.

2) Knowing that, the Tigers team decided their 2023 slogan to be "A.R.E". Officially the team says the meaning of each letters are "Aim! - Respect! - Empower!"... but now you know what "A.R.E" represent for the Tigers and the fans.

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the baseball stadium for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the game, I would recommend to book the ticket, especially the ones with high occupancy, beforehand. If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

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