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<Osaka baseball> Hanshin Tigers 2024 June tickets exclusively available here!

Updated: 4 days ago

The baseball 2024 regular season have started, and the stadiums are full of fans these days.

Hanshin Tigers, the 2023 champion, play at Koshien stadium and their games are probably the most popular among 12 teams in the league.

The public ticket sales for Tigers @Koshien went surprisingly quick... how quick? As of May, the tickets for May, June, July, and August are all sold out...!!!

The Tigers have had many enthusiastic fans, and now they are the 2023 Champion and their popularity became even high.

se days after COVID, the popularity of Sumo wrestling is getting higher and higher, therefore securing the tickets became more challenging.

Considering such situation, I've decided to contract our season seats and provide exclusively for the guests of "Japan Sports Ticket"!

Here is the list of the tickets still available for June and July games:

*As of Jun/21st

Our seats are at the left field, 2 seats next to each other.

The seats are behind the left fielder and the view from there is very good:

View from our seats at Koshien
View from our seats at Koshien

Our seats are very suitable for the first-timers. The right field is the area for the most enthusiastic (almost "fanatic"...haha) fans, so everyone will be expected to know and remember all the chanting songs and the performances, and behave the same, which is actually a bit challenging even for me (as a regular Tigers fan)

As you can tell from the below photo, 95% of the stadium is dominated by the Tigers fans anyway, so you can enjoy the great atmosphere of the Japanese baseball stadium at our seats in the left field.

View from our seats at Koshien
View from our seats at Koshien

If you're looking for the tickets, please feel free to contact us from the "Search request" page or email us at:

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the Japanese baseball for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

You can find the general Japan sports info at our website:




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