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<Japan baseball> Tips about the Japan Series baseball tickets (Nippon series)

High popularity and attention on the Japan series baseball 2023 (Nippon series)

The Japan series baseball turned out to be a "Osaka derby" tournament, which is the first time after 1964!!!

The game #5 finished, and Tigers won 3 games over Buffaloes (2 wins), the climax of the 2023 baseball season will be in the next 2 days!

2023 Japan series overview

Thanks to the guests, we received so many requests on the Japan series baseball games.

But this year, it was extremely difficult for us to secure any of the tickets because of the high popularity of the Japan series even among the local Japanese fans. The reasons I can think about are,

  • The year 2023 is namely the first year after COVID restrictions, and more people decided to attend the games at the stadium. The number of fans attended the 2023 regular season games actually increased compared to 2022,

  • Hanshin Tigers, who has the most enthusiastic (almost fanatic) fans, showed up in the Japan series. Last time they won the Central league was 2005, so the fans (including myself) had been waiting for the moment for LONG LONG time.

  • Since this series became "the Osaka derby", the people paid more attention than usual.

Some tips on the Japan series (Nippon series) baseball tickets (reminder for myself)

Here I leave some notes on the Japan series baseball tickets, since they had more difficulties than the regular season tickets.

Official ticket sales


  • There were 3 rounds, Presales (only for the annual seat holders), pre-lottery, and public sales

  • At pre-lottery, there were a lot of local Japanese people who were not able to get any of the tickets, extremely competitive

  • The public sales started only 2 days before the game #1, very much last minute and also very competitive

2023 Japan series ticket sales


  • Price: The official prices tend to be more expensive than regular season by 2,000~4,000 JPY

  • Delivery: Lawson ticket has only e-ticket option, and that will only delivered directly to each receiver's smartphone APP. So in order to receive Lawson tickets, you have to download APP (if 2 people, 2 different smartphones and APPs needed), and register your name and JP phone number. So for the tourists this is not really a realistic option.

  • Delivery: At Family mart, the convenience store voucher will be sent so that will be easily delivered. At PIA, either convenience store voucher or paper ticket will be delivered, this can also be an option for tourists.

Resale markets

Japanese local market

  • The prices for game #1, #5 and #6 tend to be higher

  • Outfield tickets are at the lowest price (as same as the original price rank), but we need to be careful that there are designated areas only for home team fans / visitor fans in the outfield, those areas are for the very serious fans

  • Lowest prices of each game were around 50k (game 2-4) ~ 100k (game 5-7)

  • E-tickets (for Lawson APP) tend to be cheaper, as that is not easy even for the local Japanese people


  • The tickets there tend to be more expensive than the Japanese resale market

  • The ticket information (seating area, seating number etc) are often quite vague (hard to tell which options are trustworthy)

  • Some tickets might have trouble in ticket delivery (Personally I had delivery trouble with the Climax series tickets, so I don't want to use them anymore...)

So, it's good for me to read this note again next year, and reconsider what to do to secure some tickets. As of now, I don't think it's realistic for the tourists to go for Japan series tickets, because of the schedule (cannot be secured till the very last minute, especially game #1 and #2), the price (the resale price might go as high as 100k per ticket...!), and the complexity (e-tickets doesn't work for most of the tourists).

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