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<JP baseball> Baseball fans back to the stadium?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This year, I have already watched 7 baseball games at the stadium.

Looking around during the game, it is quite obvious that the number of the people enjoying the game at the stadium increased a lot. So today, I went to the data of stadium attendance, capacity, and calculated the occupancy rate of 2022 and 2023. From these data, I would like to share with you that:

✔ Are baseball fans back to the stadium this year?

✔ Which team / stadium has the most fans coming to the stadium?

✔ Is there a good chance of getting the same-day baseball ticket at the stadium?

As it is right in the middle of the season now, the gross number of people attendance is not comparable to that of 2022 season, so let's take the average attendance (A=2023, B=2022) for comparison between 2022 and 2023.

Here are the data of Central league teams:

and Pacific league teams:

What we can see from here are,

✔ Increase rate (A/B) shows that most teams brought more fans to the stadium than 2022.

  - Fighters got the highest increase (135%), main factor of that will be the move to their new stadium, "ES CON Field Hokkaido" ( Many JP articles argued that the attendance of ES CON Field looks low, but the fact was that it increased a lot if you compare with 2022. As a matter of fact, their previous stadium (Sapporo dome) had even larger capacity (42,274 ppl), meaning Fighters' attendance increase is quite significant.

- Golden Eagles was the only one whose average attendance went lower than last year (95%). One of the factors is simply the team performance, they had been at the bottom of the Pacific league standings for long time. Core fans are not convinced to the strategy and tactics of coaching staff. As summer comes closer, spending night time outside should become more and more comfortable, let's see if they can attract more fans in the latter half of the season.

✔ From both average attendance (A) and occupancy rate (C/A), Tigers stadium "Koshien" is the most enthusiastic place.

- Already in 2022, Tigers had 36,000+ attendance per game which was the highest among 12 teams. This year their average attendance exceeded 40,000, which is even more than NY Yankees (40,835, as of 26/Jun).

  cf) Koshien stadium information:


✔ Occupancy rate (A/C) shows that 6 teams' stadiums are 80+% occupied.

- Tigers, Giants, Baystars, Swallows, Hawks, and Marines are the teams with high occupancy. These stadiums are quite packed every game. In particular, Tigers Koshien stadium has 94% occupancy, on average! To put it the other way around, it is quite difficult to book the ticket of Tigers home games. As we update the vacancy information everyday, we are surprised that we need to make many "X"s on the schedule list. As of 26/June, 9 out of 17 games in July are already sold out!!

cf) Tigers game schedule:


I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the baseball stadium for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the game, I would recommend to book the ticket, especially the ones with high occupancy, beforehand. If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

For further help, please contact us at:

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