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<Sumo wrestling> January series is going on!

Updated: Jan 29

Japanese traditional sport, Sumo wrestling's January "first-of-the-year" series started from 14th(Sun).

Now went through 8 days, and 7 more days to go for the final, "Senshuraku (千秋楽).

I went to watch the day #7 yesterday. The tickets are all sold out throughout the series and I could feel the people's attention to the series being very high.

Besides the matches itself, I was lucky to meet former-Ozeki, Tochinoshin / 栃ノ心. He decided to retire and was waiting for his retirement ceremony planned on Feb/4th.

The biggest highlight was at the final match, between Terunofuji / 照ノ富士, the Yokozuna, and Shodai / 正代. Although Shodai is ranked Maegashira, he made a huge upset against the Yokozuna, and the people showed their surprise by throwing the cusions (which is typical when a big upset happens)!

Although the January series tickets are all sold out, the March series tickets are about to be sold soon.

Please refer to the detail schedule of the March series here:


I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the sumo arena for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the game, I would recommend to book the ticket, especially the ones with high occupancy, beforehand. If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

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