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<Sumo wrestling> 2024 May series tickets exclusively available here! →All sold out!

Updated: May 21

The Sumo wrestling 2024 May series have started, from May/12 (Sun).

As you may already know, the public ticket sales have already finished, and the tickets for whole 15 days are all sold out...

These days after COVID, the popularity of Sumo wrestling is getting higher and higher, therefore securing the tickets became more challenging.

Because of such situation, I've decided to carry some stock tickets exclusively for the guests of "Japan Sports Ticket"!

Here is the list of the tickets still available, as of May/21st:

 → All the tickets are sold out! Thank you our guests, hope you all fully enjoy the matches and the atmosphere at Ryogoku Kokugikan!

The Chair seats are at the 2nd floor, and you can have a good view of both the Sumo wrestlers and the overview of the whole arena.

(Of course the "Masu" boxed seats at the 1st floor are also great, but you need to sit directly on the ground for a few hours and it's quite exhausting especially for non-Japanese tourists, so we focused on the Chair seats.)

If you're looking for the tickets, please feel free to contact us from the "Search request" page or email us at:

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the Sumo wrestling grand tournament for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

You can find the general Japan sports info at our website:




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