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<Japan baseball> (Probably) final chance for Tigers' home game 2023!?

As I shared an analysis on stadium occupancy, Tigers game is 94% full on average.

When you look into the ticket availability, most of the tickets till end of September (=end of regular season) are already about to be sold out!

The remaining tickets are very limited, the area remaining is outfield left (= visitor's section)

However, there is a chance of watching Tigers game.

If you are in Japan @26/Sep(Tue), you might want to think about visiting Koshien stadium.

The ticket for 26/Sep(Tue), vs Swallows will be out on 9/Aug(Wed).

This was an extra game planned at the season end, due to rain suspension, so everyone has chance to buy a ticket.

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the baseball stadium for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the game, I would recommend to book the ticket, especially the ones with high occupancy, beforehand. If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

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