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<Japan baseball> Two teams that writer recommends to watch!

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

All star games have finished, and Pacific league won both games.

Don’t have much time for break, the 2nd half of the regular season starts from tomorrow, 22(Sat).

For those who have chance to visit baseball stadium during your stay, I would recommend 2 teams that you should watch.

1. Orix Buffaloes (Osaka)

Team result

Buffaloes was the 1st half champion of the Pacific league. Buffaloes sent the most players to WBC (4 players + Yoshida, currently at Boston RedSox), and the performance of some players was slow in the beginning of the season. But from June, their result is 22 wins- 12 loses, getting better and better.

They have the best quality pitchers including #18 Yoshinobu YAMAMOTO, and a couple of them might go to Major League soon. It'll be great for you to watch before that.

Exciting players

#12 Shunpeita YAMASHITA (P) , 21 year-old, 8 wins & 1.49 ERA with 159km/h fast ball

#13 Hiroya MIYAGI (P)  *WBC Championship '23, 21 year-old, 6 wins & 2.42 ERA (5th in the league) with the mix of 150km/h fast ball and 90km/h slow curve ball

#16 Yoshihisa HIRANO (P) *MLB experience for 3 years ('18-'20), 15 saves already

#18 Yoshinobu YAMAMOTO (P)  *WBC Championship '23, best pitcher in Japan now, 9 wins (1st in the league) & 1.74 ERA (2nd in the league). Probably the closest JP player to MLB now

#44 Yuma TONGU (1B/C), Ave .318, current leading hitter of the league

#63 Soichiro YAMASAKI (P)  *WBC Championship '23, already pitched at 34 games

#96 Yuki UTAGAWA (P)  *WBC Championship '23

#99 Yutaro SUGIMOTO (RF)  *Pacific League Homerun King '21, currently 11 HRs

2. Seibu Lions (Greater Tokyo area)

Team result

Lions is at the 5th of the league standings now.

But they've finished the 1st half with 6 winning streak, and the team momentum seems ready to recover in the 2nd half. Traditionally, Lions performance is great in summer, so we hope to see their streak go longer.

In addition, Lions team prepares various "Welcome gift" for the fans coming to the stadium. Now they schedule to offer: uniforms, towels, or cooler bags, and that will definitely be an unique and memorable experience for you!

Exciting players

#1 Takumi KURIYAMA (LF, DH)  *2096 Hits in his career (@July/2023)

#6 Sousuke GENDA (SS)  *WBC Championship '23, came back from finger injury suffered during WBC

#13 Kona TAKAHASHI (P)  *12 wins, ERA 2.20 in '22, 6 wins & 2.25 ERA (4th in the league), willing to play at MLB soon

#39 Nian-Tien WU (呉念庭 / 3B, outfield)  *WBC Chinese-Taipei '23

#60 Takeya NAKAMURA (3B, DH)  *463 Homeruns in his career (@July/2023), 40 year-old, but hitting 9 HRs already.

#61 Kaima TAIRA (P)  *Pacific reliever of the year '22, 6 wins & 2.22 ERA (3rd in the league), willing to play at MLB soon

#69 Yoshinobu MIZUKAMI (P)  *Pacific reliever of the year '22

I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the baseball stadium for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! For tourists who are interested in watching the game, I would recommend to book the ticket, especially the ones with high occupancy, beforehand. If you're interested, I am here to help you!!

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