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<Japan baseball> Who's the closest team for NPB regular season champion?

The regular season of NPB, Japan baseball is at the final stage, about 20 games to go.

All teams struggled after World Baseball Classic, as WBC players started their season even earlier than the regular schedule, and some of them got trouble and couldn't perform well.

Even so, some teams kept a good momentum until the final stage of the regular season.

All teams went through ±120 games, and here's the latest standings:

Latest standings of Japan baseball, NPB
Latest standings of Japan baseball, NPB

Both Osaka teams (Tigers & Buffaloes) keep their 1st place position, and they are getting closer to the regular season champion of NPB this year.

But when you look at the condition of play-off qualifications, many teams still have chance to squeeze themselves into the 2nd place or 3rd place.

So there's no doubt that the remaining games will be more and more exciting!!

Let's see how things go, and if your schedule fits well, we'll definitely recommend you to watch the games at the stadium!

For the information of regular season and play-off games, further information can be found here:

Regular season information:


Post season information:


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