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<Japan sumo> 6 more games to go, who is close to the champion???

Japanese traditional sport, Sumo's summer (July) series started from 9th(Sun).

Now went through 9 days, and 6 more days to go for the final, "Senshuraku (千秋楽).

During this July series, highest rank players (Yokozuna and Ozeki) are all injured. Among them, Kirishima / 霧島 (Ozeki) came back to the series after 2 absence. Therefore the new young players have higher chance to be a champion of the competition.

Generally the champion has to have at least 12 wins out of 15 days (games).

After 9 games, there's no one with the 9-0 streak, and who is close to the champion now?


Latest standings as after 17/Jul (Mon)

(*Note: Alphabet name / JP name (Rank))

8 wins - 1 loss

Houshoryu / 豊昇龍 (Sekiwake)

Nishikigi / 錦木 (Maegashira 1)

Hokutofuji / 北勝富士 (Maegashira 9)

7 wins - 2 loses

Daieisho / 大栄翔 (Sekiwake) -★

Endo / 遠藤 (Maegashira 16)


There are 5 players with more than 7 wins, and among them only Daieisho has a ★ which means he's experienced the championship before. So there's a good chance for other 4 to become a new champion.

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