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<JP Sumo> Sumo wrestling July series starts!

Probably one of the most well-known, traditional Japanese sports is Sumo wrestling.

There are 6 series during the year (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov), and each series consists of 15 days.

Now the "Summer (July) series" will start, from 9 (Sun), at Nagoya (Aichi prefectural gymnasium).

If you're interested in watching the Japanese traditional sport, watching sumo live will be a unique experience for you.

As sumo is very popular, 5 days out of all 15 days are already sold out, so if you're interested, latest information can be found here:


I'll be happy to see more and more tourists coming to the sumo match for unique and unforgettable Japan trip! If you're interested, we are here to help you!!

For further help, please contact us at:

You can find the Japan sports info at our website:




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