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<JP sumo> Who is on the winning streak???

Japanese traditional sport, Sumo's summer series started from 9th(Sun).

During this July series, highest rank players (Yokozuna and Ozeki) are all injured and cannot participate. Therefore the new young players have higher chance to be a champion of the competition.

Generally the champion has to have at least 12 wins out of 15 days (games).

So at the first half of the series, it is necessary to be on a good winning streak to be a champion.

After first 5 days, who made a good start?

5 wins - 0 loss

(*Note: Alphabet name / JP name (Rank))

Nishikigi / 錦木 (Maegashira 1)

Takayasu / 高安 (Maegashira 7)

Gohnoyama / 豪ノ山 (Maegashira 13)

4 wins - 1 loss

Houshoryu / 豊昇龍 (Sekiwake)

Daieisho / 大栄翔 (Sekiwake) -★

Tamawashi / 玉鷲 (Maegashira 7) -★

Hokutofuji / 北勝富士 (Maegashira 9)

Shonannoumi / 湘南乃海 (Maegashira 14)

Endo / 遠藤 (Maegashira 16)

Among 9 players here, only 2 with ★ have got the championship before, meaning, there's a high chance for us to see a new champion.

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