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<Tips> What are/aren't stadium-approved at the stadium in Japan ?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Everything ready for your game?

When you go to the stadium, you have to make sure that your belongings are all stadium-approved.

I went through the information of 10+ stadium in Japan, so please check the list below.

If you have large suitcase with you, I would recommend either to check in at the hotel in advance, or to use the coin lockers at the station.

〇 Allowed

 ✔ Plastic bottled drinks

  *But frozen bottles or large bottles (Baseball: 750ml+, J league: 601ml+) are not allowed.

 ✔ Water bottled drinks

 ✔ Foods

 ✔ Camera

 ✔ Umbrella

 ✔ Bags (with decent size)

   *For example, you cannot take your suitcase in the stadium, because your seat area has limited space. You can find coin lockers at the nearest station, etc (cf. Tokyo dome has coin locker area in the dome)

   *Bags don't have to be clear bags.

 ✔ Wear team uniform

*At some area, you might not allowed to wear specific uniform (For example, cannot wear visitor team's uniform at home team's seat area). Uniforms of irrelevant teams (Like MLB teams or Samurai Japan uniforms) will be no problem.

△ Not allowed

 ✔ Canned drinks

 ✔ Bottled (Glass) drinks

 ✔ Alcohol drinks

*You cannot bring in, but can buy in the stadium.

 ✔ Things that annoys other fans (too noisy, too stinky, too dangerous, etc)

 ✔ Any hazardous items

? It depends

 ✔ Stroller

  Each stadium has their own rules, for example,

   ┗Tokyo dome (Giants'), Jingu stadium (Swallows') : The cloak at entrance will keep it during the game.

   ┗Koshien stadium (Tigers'): Not allowed to bring in.

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